Project overview

The solution combines navigator, speedometer and trip computer functionality to make road trips smooth and enjoyable. The mobile application was featured in the App Store’s Navigation category.

Travel and Hospitality
Delivery Model
SLA-driven task backlog delivery (TM-based)
Effort and Duration
5 weeks, 2 man-months per platform
Java, Mobile, iOS, Android, Objective-C

Key features and highlights

  • A precise GPS-based speedometer with a scalable dial
  • A built-in trip odometer to help track the traveled distance
  • A built-in GPS tracker for efficient navigation, with support for Satellite or Hybrid map view modes
  • Automatic collection of important trip stats, such as speed, time, distance, heading, elevation, and more
  • Automatic vehicle stop detection for accurate average speed calculations
  • A variety of trip data export options, including Map URL, CSV, GPX, and KML
  • Social features that allow users to share trip info via Facebook, Twitter, or email
  • A head-up display that allows drivers to view speed information right on the windshield